Thursday, March 30, 2017

It's all about perspective.

One morning a few weeks ago while I took some time to reflect and look back, I noticed something I hadn't before.

I've always wanted to be a successful career woman. Ever since I can remember having mature goals and aspirations, I envisioned myself working in the corporate world, wearing a skirt and blazer set, carrying a briefcase, travelling to and from work in my white BMW. To me, the moment I had all those things meant I had achieved success. It just hit me, in this moment, that I have accomplished all of those things, maybe just not to the degree I dreamt of all those years ago.

I currently work at a marketing/advertising agency in a career role in the account services department; when I have to travel to/from client meetings and sometimes home I do carry my laptop in a briefcase type bag; I don't always wear skirts/blazers and dresses, (mostly because I dress more for comfort on the day-to-day and that type of attire isn't required of me) but today I happen to be wearing a blazer, doesn't make much of a difference that I'm wearing it with black jeans, right? I look professional. And sure, I don't have a white BMW sports car, BUT, I do have a newer white Jeep that I'm paying for, and that fulfills that requirement in my book. Honestly, I don't know that I would even spend the money on a BMW if I had it, because where I'm at right now, the type of car I'm in doesn't matter as much to me.

So there you have it. I realized today I have (pretty much) accomplished a few of my longtime aspirations. Yay for those winning moments! Knowing myself like I do, I'll probably try to talk myself out of feeling proud about it by, say, reminding myself  I don't make the amount of money I might have hoped to by this point or feel I deserve at this point, but hey, that's not the point right now. Let's all take a moment to tell ourselves we did a good job and we should be proud for getting to this point. 
Whatever it is in your life that you've accomplished, I'm sure it deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated.

 Yes, you've got this!

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