Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Taking Time Off Doesn't Mean Not Working

Lately I've been catching some grief from others, even my husband on occasion, for not having a job. Most people assume since I'm not working I have it so "easy". I'm sure they think I can do what I want, when I want, all day--lay out in the sun, watch TV, read, etc. etc.--and life is a piece of cake. But just cause I'm taking time off work doesn't mean I'm not "working" at all. 
Yes, it may be "easier" in ways since I don't have to get up and go into an office to sit at a desk for 9-12 hours every day any more, dealing with all the stress that comes with the job like my previous position did (putting it that way and I am so thankful I don't!). But I do still have to get up every morning and get things accomplished in order for me to feel like I'm contributing to my adult life, my marriage, and humanity! ;) I still 'go to work' only on chores in my house, errands outside of the house, and most importantly the task of working on and improving myself.  With my health at the focal point of each day, preparing all my meals, exercising, getting outside for some fresh air and taking a few moments to rest and reflect along the way takes up a good amount of the normal work day. I'm not comparing that to someone's full time job and trying to say it's just as hard by any means...MORE POWER to the people that are able to work full-time AND find the time to do all the things I listed to take care of yourself. This is just what is helping me work towards achieving my goals. 
And that's not to say I don't face any challenges; I do.  Every day I'm trying to take advantage of having this time for me and appreciating it by putting it to good use. I'm able to get tasks completed that may have been on a list for weeks or months, try new things (especially cooking, which I love), improve at others, and listen to what my mind/body are telling me it needs. Which could range from going on a walk outside to meeting a good friend for lunch or taking a break to stop, and address those pent up emotions. Some days don't always go to plan, like I talked about in my last post, and some days I have an off day. 
I certainly don't go and lay out at a pool all day. I haven't done that once yet actually. Not on a week day. I don't sleep in or nap every day. I could do these things, but that's not how I choose to spend this time. I get more accomplished the earlier I get up and get moving. The other day someone asked me, have you been working on any projects since you've been off? And my answer is that really the big project I'm working on is me. The most important one of all.But I realized in some ways I've been feeling guilty for that. Especially because I know many others don't necessarily have the opportunity. to do the same. I've been feeling bad for feeling good, and that doesn't seem right. I decided I've got to stop feeling that way. I have to keep the focus on me and my quality of life. This time I'm taking is for me, and it was my decision.  I don't need to worry about what others think of my decision, because it's for me to be concerned with, not them. I'm feeling good about myself, my health and how my life is shaping up, and I shouldn't feel bad about that. The whole point of this was to be a happier healthier me, so that then I can be a better me for others. And to anyone out there wanting or wishing or hoping or praying for your life to get better, this is what I'd tell you. 
YOU are in charge of your life, which means in a lot of ways, you can determine your own destiny. Hoping and praying and wishing for something isn't going to make it happen. Most of the rewarding things in life require putting in hard work, day in and day out.  So if you want your life to get better, look at what would need to change to do so and how you'd go about it. Maybe you don't have the means to stop working or take a nice long break like I am. But I'm sure you could take a few days or a couple weeks vacation to take time for yourself?! Or take some time off or use a weekend to plan out what you'd rather do that will get you towards your goal, like switching jobs or eating better, losing weight, improving a relationship.  There's gotta be something YOU can do or change that will improve your life and make you happier and healthier. Then the rest is easy ;) Set your mind to it and do it. Ain't nothin' to it but to do it, as they say! 
Okay, so maybe it won't be easy, but keep your "why" at the center of all you do, it'll help you stay on track on the hard days and if you keep at it and stay consistent, I promise the way you'll feel will reward you in a way that you won't want to look back.  We all have this one body to get take us through life. Listen to what it needs and take care of it, so you can live your life to the fullest!

And here's an added treat for the day. I recently stumbled upon making a new smoothie recipe that's healthy and well-thy that I love and thought I would share. Although I may not be the first to throw this combo together, I'm naming this concoction of mine the "Sweet Dream Smoothie". Because it will satisfy the sweet tooth and it tastes like a dream :)


  • Unsweetened (organic) almond milk, chilled, about 8 ounces
  • 1 frozen banana (using one that's frozen is key)
  • Cacao powder, two teaspoons
  • Cashew butter, one tablespoon
  • Raw honey, 1 teaspoon
  • Cinnamon, a pinch or two, deepening on how much you like;
  • Vanilla extract, a small drop or two
Blend these all together and you've got yourself a delightful treat, that doesn't have any added sugar!
Enjoy and have a great rest of your day!

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